Postdoctoral Position at ECUST

Postdoctoral Researchers Needed For State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering at East China University of Science and Technology

    The State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering at East China University of Science and Technology (, based on preceding achievements in life science researches and advanced biological engineering technologies, primarily focuses on the fundamentals and applied fundamental studies of bioreactor engineering. The lab aims at developing engineering and industrializing approaches to biotechnologies, in an effort to create a strong support to the Chinese bio-manufacturing industry. With advanced technologies in industrial fermentation, biocatalysts, biotransformation, marine biology, bio-energy, bio-refinery, bioinstrumentation, and systematic engineering, the State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering at ECUST has achieved a high popularity and has created a great impact on the field of biotechnology in China。

    Professor Lixin Zhang’s lab (, identified active compounds by High Throughput Screening of microbial natural products from the South China Sea (PNAS. 2007, NPR. 2010, Nature Biotech. 2016), found their functions, and increased production of the compounds (PNAS. 2011, 2015). His team unraveled the novel mechanism for the endoperoxide formation reaction in Aspergillus fumigatus (Nature 2015). Professor Zhang led the way to develop independent intellectual property rights of a new mechanism in antifungal drugs (Angrew 2013, Synth Syst Biotech. 2016), which later helped China become the only country producing avermectins in the world (Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress in 2016 and Two Provincial First Prize, The first completed).

1. Position titles:
Postdoc (2 people needed for each category)
Specialization 1: Fundamental Synthetic Biology, Bioinformatics, Microbial Metabolic Engineering, Biosensor, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics studies
Specialization 2: Microbiology Genetics and active substances discovery
Specialization 3: Biochemistry, Protein Engineering, and Structural Biology studies
Specialization 4: Activity screening in natural products and analysis in mechanisms of drug effects

2. Employment prerequisites:
a. Having achieved a PH.D degree in Natural Product Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, or Microbiology.
b. Having previous individual research experience in molecular biology or biological chemistry. Candidates with previous experience in microbial secondary metabolites synthesis, microbial bioinformatics analysis, biochemical reaction design, or protein structure analysis and manufacturing are preferred.
c. Having proper values and a passion in research, candidates need to be honest and diligent, with the ability to work individually.
d. Having published at least 1-2 SCI research paper as the first author in the past three years.
e. Having strong ability to write and communicate in both English and Chinese.
f. Having a good health condition

3. What we can offer:
a. Basic salary + allowance (210k-470kRMB)
b. Postdoctoral apartment
c. Health insurance and housing fund
d. Permanent residence in Shanghai for both researcher and his or her family members
e. Excellent postdoc researchers can apply to stay as permanent faculties on campus

4. How to apply:
a. You can send your resume (including academic and job experience) and names of two recommenders to Jingyu Zhang ( The title of your email should be “Application For Postdoc Position in Lixin Zhang’s Lab”; you should name your resume with the following format: “Name + Education Background + Name of your college/ current company you work for”
b. We will send out emails to those who qualify for an interview
c. Candidates for an interview should provide 1) a copy of your diploma, 2) a letter recommendation from a professional or other document to prove your ability, 3) your plan for researches in this position
d. Candidates who passed the interview should go to designated hospital for a health examination. Those who qualified in this examination will be accepted.

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