10k Genomic mining Group

The 10K Genomic mining Group aims at exploiting the power of genomic mining to unlock the treasure trove of bioactive microbial natural products.

(1) Diversifying marine microbial natural product strains and extracts libraries, while decreasing genetic and chemical redundancy.

A genome-mining and heterologous expression based natural products activation strategy has been applied. In Jan. 2014, 12,000 draft genomes of microbes isolated from a variety of ecosystem (deep sea and etc.) were sequenced, assembled and annotated. Several promising enzymes like FtmOx1, PEPmutase, MVA pathway coupling gene clusters were over-expressed.

(2)Deciphering chemical space of marine microbes based on genome-mining strategy and bioassay-guided isolation.

Our interests are focusing on discovery of new antimicrobial and anti-cancer natural products from marine microbes isolated from extreme environment. A crude extract library is constructed for the high-throughput screening. Based on HPLC-UV and LC-MS de-replication, the promising strains are chosen for large-scale fermentation, followed by bioactivity-guided isolation and structure elucidation of natural compounds. The research mainly focuses on the discovery of anti-TB, anti-BCG, anti-MRSA, (synergistic) anti-fungal, and anti-cancer compound leads.

(3) Optimizing the activities of natural product hits by microbial biotransformation and etc.

We have developed a targeted biotransformation platform in a high throughput manner. The targeted biotransformation screen on tanshinone IIA resulted in the identification of several strains that improved the anti-MRSA activity of substrate Tan IIA.

Selected Publications